Vibration to the max!

You wont believe me when I tell you that I have had a vibrator with a few applicators lying in my cupboard for a few years.

Tried once when I bought it and didnt get what the fuss was all about  I mean when you in a relationship and have the “real thing” readily available, why resort to the fake.

Now I am single, and now I am exploring and now I get it. I get it so much that I have recently purchased a “bigger” one.

It wasn’t an easy choice, there is such a variety and so many colours, not to mention the sizes.

However, I think I am still missing something about “size”. Without sounding promiscuous , I have had my fair share of cocks but why are vibrators and dildos more focused on length than on girth?

I’m waiting for the new one to arrive tomorrow and I am looking forward to experiencing something different. It almost feels like I am cheating on my current vibrator that has most certainly pleasured me quite substantially over the last few days, to the point of exhaustion.

I have researched a few places and rate the following links as my favourite:

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Vibrating Pleasures

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Is it all in the tip?